Lama Lhanang Rinpoche is a spiritual teacher of the Nyingma Longchen Nying-Thig order of Tibetan Buddhism who has studied with many masters from different lineages. He shares teachings from an unbroken tradition in a way that is fresh, cross-cultural, and current for these times. He is an accomplished instructor of meditation, Anu-yoga, art, Feng-shui, cultural and historical studies as well as a skilled practitioner of Tibetan medicine. Rinpoche addresses the needs of individuals so as to touch them in a gentle and profound way, offering private consultation on business and personal relationships.

Lama Lhanang was born, raised and educated in Golok, Amdo in Northeast Tibet. Today he lives and teaches in California and travels extensively throughout the U.S., Canada and Mexico — teaching, consulting, speaking and conducting spiritual ceremonies. In addition to these activities, elsewhere on this website you’ll find information on Lama’s artwork, Dharma and Wisdom Path Cultural Centers, as well as more detail on Project Wisdom Path.



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